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Omnitel 1000km Endurance

(October 20, 2011)
Omnitel 1000 km Race Lithuania
Tomas and Marius compete again in the Omnitel 1000Km endurance race Lithuania with new engine. Finishing  20th, 57 laps behind the winner, this was a fine result considering the opposition.
photo curtesy of Delfi Sportas  Komandos nuotr
Delfi Sportas press coverage reports.....................
" SpireGT-R - even more powerful
Last year the Spire GT-R was seen for the first time at the Omnitel 1000 km race track in Lithuania. Previously unseen,  unique in appearance and technical characteristics this distinctive car was built in 2010 in Lithuania.

From evaluation of the 2010 experience it was decided to abandon the earlier years of adventurous decision to participate in the race with a diesel engine. In its place an engine of world renowned and appreciated for reliability was chosen, the 2.0-litre Honda engine with a supercharger.

The engine is 20 percent. more powerful compared to last year. Today, Spire GT-R's power at 300 hp and 100 km / h, it accelerates faster than 5 seconds. With a top speed - 250 km / h.

Spire GT-R's strengths are also a small car's weight - 700 kg, and the fact that the air resistance to overcome the unique shape of this model is a small cross-sectional area of ​​the car and the sleek body - using less engine power.

It is expected that in the 1,000 km (334 laps) race the car will consume about 500 litres of fuel. The entire 1,000 km race the car will be running for 9 hours.

"We were preparing for, and prepared the car which, due to its technical characteristics is very serious race contender. This will be one of the most powerful cars this year in Omnitel 1000 km race, - said the team leader with a multi-Kit-Car-type sports car racing experience in construction, Marius Batura. "
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